Sharing your stash with a friend

I have been a quilter so long now that I’m sure my fingers are shorter and knobblier than they used to be.  I’ve made big quilts, lap quilts, picture quilts pictures, bags – – – – and the list goes on.  So it’s not surprising that once in a while I look at the burgeoning fabric stash with a sense of bewilderment, and wonder whether I’ve done it for long enough.  Perhaps it’s time to get rid of everything and take up free-fall parachuting, or pottery or something.  Anything rather than tackle what’s in those disorganised stash boxes!

So it is wonderful when a friend comes to visit to look through the fabric to glean a few bits and pieces for her own project.  As she sorts through each box, she reminds me of all the wonderful colours in there.  Fabrics I’d forgotten I had.  Ideas start leaping into life in my head.  I want to start cutting then and there.  Blues, greens, yellows and golds pass under her hands.  And as she shakes each piece out to look at it, she methodically folds it away again, leaving me with everything perfectly sorted and tidied.

I told her she could come again any time she wanted.  I don’t think she realised just how sincerely I meant it!