My First Blog Post

This is the first day of a new resolution:  to keep a blog of day by day events, and stay in touch with my friends, who seem to be scattering further and further apart geographically.

Today is a rainy day on Exmoor:  the last full day of our holiday, and we are in that uncomfortable state of being partially packed, and mentally part-way home to Denmead.  It’s been a good holiday, with plenty of R&R and plenty of time to see our friends and walk the dog.  The dog has picked up on the half-way state of things, and is barking restlessly at everything he thinks he can hear.  Outside, in the pouring rain, preparations are under way for a big wedding tomorrow.  People have been scurrying to and fro under umbrellas, the marquee has been erected, and everything looks wonderful – – – – apart from the torrential rain!  We won’t be here for the wedding – we will be the last of the holiday guests to leave before the bride arrives, I suspect.  Still, it will be nice to look on the website of Little Quarme Cottages at Wheddon Cross to see if there are any photos.  Well, that’s it for today.  Tomorrow I shall be facing the jungle that is our garden after two weeks of neglect, and trying to remember where everything is in the kitchen!

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