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About me

I have been interested in fabrics all my life. My mother was a skilled dressmaker and I remember frequent trips to the local haberdashers sorting through remnants to find material for our summer dresses. Even then, I always wanted all the colours on the shelf, not just one.

My first real quilt was completed in December 1994 so I choose this as the date that I started patchwork and quilting. Since then I have never stopped.

I studied art at school and university, always being drawn to collage and the whole concept of layers of texture and light.I started making textile pictures in 2005. The finished item is often a surprise to me, as I never start with any plan in mind, just letting the fabrics take over.

I enjoy using the colours freely, never stopping to analyse the outcome. I use shards of fabric like brush-strokes of paint.  

My textile pictures are all layered with organza or sheer silk which is the nearest thing I can find to using layers of light. I enjoy the shimmer and the way in which the colours beneath can be modified, sharpened or softened.

Many of my pictures seem to become seascapes or landscapes with strange buildings on them. This is probably a throwback to my childhood near the Lincolnshire coast where I fell deeply in love with broad fields, wide skies and the cold wild sea.

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